The Official Office Drinking Game

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A while back, I mentioned that LITO reader Clint was putting together an Office drinking game and he wanted your help. Well, with that help, he has created the Offical Office Drinking Game. I will include the game below.

As I said before, I’m not a drinker. But, I will be interested to see how each of the new episodes score. As the new season starts up, we’ll have Clint write in after each episode to let us know what the total count was for that show. Also, if any of you go back and watch some old episodes, put the episode total in this comment section of this post. That’d be interesting to know.

And now, tha official game rules:

Alright!! We have a final list. I decided to give the thread a few weeks to marinate and it looks like all the comments that were gonna come in have come in. Everyone’s feedback was awesome, but there was just too many to use them all. I did make adjustments to some that I did choose from LITO readers but nothing was drastically altered. I decided 20 rules was a good round number. You know, not too many to remember and not too little to NOT have fun. So without further ado. (In my best enthusiastic Michael Scott voice) “Leave all your preconceived notions of drinking games at the door; I Clint Haller present to you The OFFICIAL “The Office on NBC” DRINKING GAME:

Created by Clint Haller (, John Corliss, Brenden Conway, and the readers of the Life In the Office website

ONE drink for the theme song (just because it rocks!)
ONE drink if a Dundie is mentioned or seen (including title sequence)
ONE drink if someone says “question” before asking a question
ONE drink every time Pam says “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam”
ONE drink for every time Jim gives the camera that look he has.
ONE drink if the Homer Simpson doll is in frame
ONE drink every time downsizing is mentioned.
ONE drink everytime Dwight makes a Lord of the Rings reference.
ONE drink when Michael makes a joke or a play on words with an employees’ name
ONE drink anytime Dwight’s bobbleheads are in a shot, TWO drinks if it is THE Dwight Bobblehead
TWO drinks for Meredith’s alcohol traits (and you gotta ‘cheers’ to her as well)
TWO drinks for “Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration.”
TWO drinks for “that’s what she said”, no matter who says it
TWO drinks when the office is referred to as “The Orifice”
TWO drinks if Michael makes an INACCURATE reference
THREE drinks if Michael makes an ACCURATE reference
THREE drinks for a Saturday Night Live reference (there’s lots of them.Former cast members included and Conan[he was a writer])
THREE drinks for a Todd Packer appearance__TWO for a phone call___ONE for a mention (he’s SNL too, so an appearance is FOUR drinks total!)
THREE drinks whenever Dwight mentions beets or his beet farm
FOUR drinks when we see Michael & Jan kissing (we have three total incl.flashback,but more may come)


  1. Clint Haller says:

    Brian, I was thinking about going through the episodes and marking when a moment comes up. It may be helpful for the SNL moments that some people don’t know about (i.e. Bad Idea Jeans) and other things that people have missed. Lemme know if you guys would like a cheat chart.

    – Clint

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hook it up!

  2. Greg Traversy says:

    I have a few more ideas for things to drink to.
    1. any reference to chilis
    2. any reference to angela and dwights relationship
    3. any mention of pam and roy’s engagement

  3. Jenz Hansen says:

    1)ONE drink every time Dwight calls Ryan or refers to Ryan as “Temp”
    2) ONE drink every time Stanley is shown doing a crossword puzzle
    3) THREE drinks every time Dwight rocks out to Motley Crue
    4) TWO drinks for every time the Party Planning Committee is in session
    5) ONE drink every time Andy calls Jim “Big Tuna”

  4. samit says:

    one drink whenever dwight refers to himself as the assistant regional manager as opposed to the assitant to the regional manager

  5. Lisa says:

    2 for every mention of Kevin’s band “Scrantonicity”
    2 every time Michael uses a phrase that Daryl taught him such as “dink & flicka”
    2 every time Kevin is shown eating
    1 every time Michael insults Toby
    1 every time Kelly says “awesome”
    1 every time Michael comes on to Ryan

  6. Anonymous says:

    how bout just drink the amount of time kelly talks.

  7. Melly says:

    one drink everytime michael egotistically compliments himself

  8. Mizary says:

    How about:

    One drink every time Kevin giggles.

  9. sam says:

    you gotta keep an eye out if you wanna do this one, but any time solitaire is up on someones computer screen. its usually merideth but pam has done it, and i believe ive seen it on creed’s as well.

  10. Ryan G says:

    two drinks every time Creed steals something!

  11. mike r says:

    anytime andy refers to himself as the “narddawg”

    anytime andy refrences his times at cornell

  12. mike r says:

    anytime dwight references his cousin Mose

    anytime michael calls david wallace for advice

  13. mike r says:

    if michael goes to visit david wallace you drink your whole beer or a shot

  14. Anonymous says:

    i perfected the office drinking game — take a drink every time a main characters name is mentioned. task completed — you will get hammered

  15. cb says:

    Overtime Kelly says “Oh My God” “Awesome* or “The”

  16. cb says:

    I meant Everytime*****

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