LITO Interviews David Denman

Monday, May 28, 2007

First off, I need to express how wonderful David Denman is!! Despite computer glitches (he tried to send his answers to my questions three times before they got through), international flights, and an insane shooting schedule, he got back to all of my questions and was super-polite and friendly about everything.

LITO: Congratulations on completing a triathlon AND raising over $5,000 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. Any plans for future triathlons/fundraisers?

David Denman: Thank you so much for all the support. I had so much fun training for the first Triathlon I’ll definitely be doing it again. I’ll be doing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sept. 16th. This time I’ll be raising money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Hopefully I can raise another $5000.00 for this great cause. People can donate here

LITO: Do Pam and Roy belong together?

David Denman: I don’t know if “belong” together is the appropriate word. I don’t think the show is set up for them to belong together, but I would like to see them end up together. I know you all want Romeo and Juliet to get together, but trust me that will just get boring. Roy is the guy you love to hate and hate to love. What could be more entertaining then that?

David & Nikki

David Denman and his wife, Nikki Boyer, at the 2007 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

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LITO: Follow-up: We know that Karen thinks Roy is cute, and we know from the Webisodes how highly Angela thinks of you! Do you think Roy could find love again in the office?

David Denman: Anything is possible. If the show runs long enough, maybe Roy will end up with Meredith. Remember he did love her son.

LITO: Which “Office” episode so far has been your favorite to film, and why?

David Denman: “Booze Cruise” was my favorite to film so far. I don’t know if it was the fact that we were all out of the Office or that we were filming from 6pm to 6am, but it got really silly those nights. Also, I had just bought a camera that I was figuring out how to work between takes. I started taking all these shots of the girls doing sexy poses. Needless to say… good blackmail for the future. Amy Adams won that contest, now she knows how to do sexy.

LITO: IMDB lists a ton of 2007 and 2008 releases for you! Can you tell us a little about your current and future projects and what it’s like to work in Tokyo?

David Denman: Well, Tokyo was an amazing experience. The people, the culture, the food were just terrific. It is one of my favorite spots in the world. I hope the movie is good, but if not Tokyo was amazing. During my last hiatus I was able to do a couple movies. Two of them went to Sundance; “The Nines” and “If I had Known I was a Genies”. “Take” went to the Tribecca Film Festival and “Fanboys” is coming out this summer. Also, I did a movie last December called “Smart People” with Sara Jessica Parker. I really got to play a variety of roles over the last year. To be brief… I played a Patrol Officer and a Homeless man in “The Nines”; I played a nerdy Costco Manager in “If I had Known…”; I played a husband dealing with a special needs child in “Take”; I played a knuckleheaded older brother in “Fanboys”; and finally I played a gay neurologist in “Smart People”. It’s been a fun year. Next I’ll be going back to do some theater this summer at Shakespeare Orange County in Garden Grove, California. I’ll be playing Petruchio in the Taming of the Shrew from July 12th through July 28th. I really can’t wait to get back on stage after 6 years away. Please tell everyone you know to come out and watch a great night of Shakespeare under the stars. I promise you it will be a really funny night of theater. Check out the website for details.

A major thanks to David for taking the time to talk with LITO!


  1. Bob says:

    Thanks for the cool interview! David Denham is a good actor, and a good sport. I don’t want him off “The Office.”
    I’d like to see Roy hired by Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration! That way, he can continue his goony camaraderie with Darryl and the warehouse gang. I KNOW Madge would be thrilled! And it would be interesting to have Pam run into him in the parking lot once in a while. C’mom, BV/VR, give Roy a job!

  2. Mollie says:

    Great interview! I hope david will be coming back to the office again!

  3. Sarah says:


  4. Jodi says:

    So neat! I have such a crush on David…that I actually found it hard to dislike Roy despite his jerky-ness. His sweet moments with Pam (ie. their song played during Phyllis’ Wedding) made me swoon. He’s a great actor, too…and I actually was quite sad to see Roy go.

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